8 Competitive Google AdSense Alternatives in 2020 To Monetize Your Website

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Google AdSense is the most popular Ad network.

Every blogger or website owner chooses Google AdSense as the first monetizing platform.

The only good reason for using AdSense is its popularity. Many Google AdSense alternatives are there that pay comparatively higher than AdSense.

However, AdSense is the first name that comes in mind when you talk about an advertisement program.

Some reasons for which you may want to look for the Google AdSense alternatives:

  • Application rejected for AdSense
  • Account got suspended
  • Expand earnings
  • Lower threshold for payout
  • Want high CPC
  • Less process for approval and payout

Whatever reasons you have to choose the AdSense alternatives, it’s always a good idea to know about them (how much they pay, how easy is it to get approval, minimum payout, payment process, et cetera) before applying.

Earn higher without Google AdSense

Google AdSense has very strict policies and your account may get suspended if you don’t follow any of its policies.

It also has a higher payment threshold i.e. $100. If you have a new website with low traffic you may have to wait a little bit more to get paid.

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Some of the important things you want to consider while choosing an ad network:

  • Size of Ad network
  • Variety of Ads
  • User-friendly Ads
  • Payments
  • Ad management

Not every ad network is similar in context to the above factors. You should choose one carefully.

At last, I’ve included a table that shows the comparison between the Google AdSense alternatives. This helps you choose the better one.

Moreover, you can choose an affiliate program to make money from your blog along with an advertisement network.

Before going to Google AdSense alternatives you may want to give a final try for Google AdSense approval (using the tricks mentioned in this article).

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List of the top 8 Google AdSense alternatives

The followings are some of the popular alternatives of Google AdSense.

You can go with any of the following to monetize your website.

It’s not necessary to choose only one of them. You can diversify your income with a combination of two or three.

These are free to start and the easy to use networks to make money online from a website.

1. Media.net

Media net as a Google AdSense alternative

Media.net is the most popular ad network which is in competition with Google AdSense and one of the best AdSense alternative.

By, revenue, it is the second largest contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing in the world.

More than 1300 employees work in Media.net with global headquarter in Dubai.

It is good for websites that have comparatively higher traffic.

The level of getting approval from Media.net is similar to that of AdSense, but it takes less time to approve.

It has a payment threshold of $100 and pay with Payoneer or Wire Transfer. It pays the publisher on every 30 days that crosses the threshold.

On average, a website can generate 0.08% of Click-Through Rate on Ads from Media.net. The display ads look much similar to AdSense, which are highly optimized and user-friendly.

Media.net uses advanced algorithms and data processing to target users to show them the most relevant ads that increase the chances of clicks.

The average that Media.net pays per 1000 ad impression is $2 to $5, however, this totally depends upon the ad shown.

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2. Infolinks

Infolinks as one of the Google AdSense alternatives

Infolinks is also one of the popular Google AdSense alternatives having more than 100,000 publishers throughout the world.

It is the third-largest publisher marketplace in the world that offers the most relevant ads to most engaged users to increase CTR and revenue.

Getting approval from Infolinks is comparatively easier than Google AdSense.

On average, the viewability of ads on a website is around 90% which is higher than AdSense.

Infolinks has algorithms that show relevant ads based on the user-intent, search keywords, browsing history. Moreover, the ads are customizable to fit your website that certainly increases the income through high clicks without compromising with user experience.

It provides quality ads to sell on your website that makes it a better Google AdSense alternative.

Infolinks ads can be of different types such as text, sticky, interstitial.

Payment options available for Infolinks are PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH for the US, and Payoneer.

The minimum threshold payment for ACH is $100 and for others, it’s $50.

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3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates works as a Google AdSense alternative

Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate program. If you have a problem with Google AdSense you can monetize your website with Amazon Associates.

It is not a similar content monetization method as AdSense, as you are selling ads with AdSense and products through Amazon.

But, this is the best method of monetizing your website and you should start it now.

You can choose an ad network discussed in this post with Amazon Associates to generate more income from your blog.

After signing up with Amazon Associates you can choose any product related to your blog.

When somebody buys something from Amazon by visiting the link you provided, you will get up to 10% commission on every sale.

Cookies are saved for 24 hours to the users’ browsers when they visit Amazon from any affiliate links on your website. And, you’ll get a commission for every sale the user made within the 24 hours. This is the best thing about Amazon Associates.

You’ll never stop getting income from your website if you do your best to convert your users into Amazon’s customers.

Payment options available are bank transfer, gift cards, and check. You can also use Payoneer’s Global Payment Service to get paid from Amazon Associates. And, you’ve to earn at least $10 to get paid every month.

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4. BidVertiser

Bidvertiser a Google AdSense alternative

BidVertiser ads are highly optimized and responsive for mobile devices and desktop, so work best as a Google AdSense alternative.

You can use own custom banner ads with direct links from BidVertiser and encourage users to click on them. You’ll get paid on the basis of cost per click.

If you do similar to Google AdSense you may get suspended. But, with BidVertiser this is another opportunity to earn more.

It takes time for a low traffic website to earn $100 which is the AdSense threshold for payout.

But, BidVertiser pays you when you reached $10 on your wallet. You can use that money to pay for hosting, tools and website promotion.

Payment options for BidVertiser are PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and check.

Not only websites, but you can also monetize mobile apps, toolbars, and extensions similar to AdSense.

BidVertiser provides different kinds of ad formats such as banner, popup, sliders, smart links,

XML and programmatic that can fit any kind of traffic and device.

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5. PropellerAds

Propellerads as one of the Google AdSense alternatives

This is another best Google AdSense alternative. It’s one of the largest leading networks of ad publishers and advertisers throughout the world which was founded in 2011.

PropellerAds offers ads that best suit the audience which makes higher sales for the advertiser and more revenue for the publisher.

It has a well-established eco-system of its brand, product or offer.

PropellerAds is easy to use with simple analytical reports and tracking systems.

With PropellerAds, you can create responsive and user-friendly ads to sell on your website that make more money for you.

PropellerAds offers a push notification ad service with which you can send millions of messages to the user’s device in just a few minutes.

You can add optimized banner ads and sponsored links without affecting the performance of your website.

With the help of PropellerAds Knowledge Hub, you can learn to get more outcomes from affiliate marketing and selling ads from experts for free.

It’s a good decision to choose PropellerAds as a Google AdSense alternative.

It pays on a weekly or net35 basis by wire transfer or payment service provider (such as PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer), with minimum payout threshold of $5, but, for Payoneer, it’s $20 and wire transfer $550.

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6. Adversal

Adversal as a Google AdSense alternative

Adversal is the best ad network for high traffic websites.

It facilitates to show native, video and display ads on your website to generate more revenue. It pays on the basis of cost per click and cost per thousand impressions.

To get approval from Adversal you need to have:

  • A custom domain
  • At least 50,000 page views per month
  • Not engaged in any illegal activities
  • Malware free website
  • No adult contains on website

If the above things hold true for you, then you can get instant approval from Adversal, otherwise, you should go for another Google AdSense alternative discussed in this post.

Moreover, this can’t be an AdSense alternative for low traffic websites and Blogspot domains.

Payment methods for Adversal are PayPal, Check, Wire, and ACH in the US. The minimum balance required for payout depends on the payment method.

For PayPal and Check the threshold is $20, ACH $100 and for Bank Wire, it is $250.

You will be paid on the net35 basis, which is in every 35 days.

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7. Adcash

Adcash one of the Google AdSense alternatives

Adcash is one of the largest ad networks on the internet found in 2007.

It provides high-quality ads that have more conversion rates and easy to integrate on your website once got approval.

The facility to track live traffic for impressions and clicks on ads is an amazing feature it has, which helps you to understand your performance without waiting for hours like that in Google AdSense.

With Adcash you can monetize your website with different ad formats like banner display ads, pop-under and text ads with full customization support.

Different tools and features are available for a publisher that helps you to easily monetize your website for both desktop and mobile in different ad formats.

Today, most of the users use an ad blocker on their browser that lowers your earnings. But, the most interesting thing with Adcash is that it has a builtin anti adblocker facility. The ads cannot be ceased by ad blockers with this feature. Means, your earnings are unstoppable.

The minimum payment threshold is $/€ 25 with many payment options viz. Payoneer, WebMoney, Skrill, Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Bitcoin. And, supports both Euro and Dollar.

8. Skimlinks

Skimlinks one of the Google AdSense alternatives

Another important content monetization network as a Google AdSense alternative that is popular for text and contextual ads.

It was founded in 2007 in London by two Australian Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski.

Skimlinks has more than 60,000 publishers throughout the world that generate $2.5 million of sales every day. You won’t regret joining Skimlinks as a publisher.

If you write articles or reviews about products, for example, electronic gadgets, it is best to choose Skimlinks to monetize your website.

Let’s assume you’ve written an article on watches, and if you place any link for watches on that page, Skimlinks automatically converts those links into affiliate links on desktop and mobile (even supports AMP).

You’ll get paid for every sale your user made by visiting links from your website.

You can use it with other ad networks to increase your earnings.

At the end of each month, you’ll get paid from PayPal or bank transfer in UK and US if you’ve succeeded to earn more than $65, €55 or £50.

To sum up

I’ve described the most popular Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to make money from your website.

Now, let’s look at the summary of these 8 alternatives in the table below. This helps you better understand all and choose the one that best suits you.

Ad NetworkAd FormatPayment MethodMinimum PaymentPayout Basis
Wire Transfer
Bank Wire
ACH (US only)
$100 (for ACH)
Amazon AssociatesAffiliate linksBank Transfer
Gift Cards
Wire Transfer
Wire Transfer
$20 (for Payoneer)
$550 (for Wire Transfer)
Weekly Net35
Wire Transfer
$100 (for ACH)
$250 (for Wire)
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer (UK & US only)

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