How to get Google AdSense approval fast and easily?

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Have you ever disappointed by an email from Google AdSense saying your application hasn’t been approved?

One of my friends has applied 6 times for AdSense but every time he was rejected. He thought to quit blogging after a final try, but this time he was lucky.

Most of you get demotivated and quit blogging by discovering that you can’t monetize your website with Google AdSense.

If you are willing to monetize your blog with Google AdSense, you better read this article to the end. This will surely help you getting AdSense approval.

General Background

Google AdSense is the world’s most popular and leading ad network. It has the world’s largest number of publishers and advertisers.

Most of the newbies choose AdSense as the first monetization method for their website. It’s an easier and fast forward way to earn money from a blog with zero investment.

It is easier to get AdSense approval if you have some basic understandings. AdSense pays on the basis of cost per click and cost per impression, which is why it is popular among website owners.

Before going anywhere let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of Google AdSense.

Pros of Google AdSense

  • Pays on the basis of cost per click and impression
  • High-quality ads
  • Easier to setup
  • Generate continuous income even with very low conversion rates
  • User-friendly ads
  • Ads can be placed in the desired position on a webpage
  • Variety of ad formats with full customization feature

Cons of Google AdSense

  • Pays comparatively lower
  • Getting approval becomes a headache for some
  • Your users go away through ads
  • Ruins user experience to some extent
  • Makes websites slow through added scripts

How I got AdSense approval?

Before getting into the AdSense approval tricks let me describe how I got approval.

Unlike most of the people, it was very easier for me to get approved form AdSense.

I just applied for AdSense without any expectation for approval, but luckily I got it.

Before applying, I used to think that I would monetize my website only after crossing at least 100 organic visitors per day.

Then, I thought, what’s wrong in doing an experiment with AdSense. I hadn’t expected the approval at all. I simply want to see whether it would accept my website or not. And, I was happy to see the positive results.

Especially for bloggers: there are some moments that make one happier. The first one is when you discover the first few organic visits from Google, the second is when you first get paid no matter how small that amount is. Undoubtedly, for most, the first payment is from Google AdSense.

However, the more you immerse into it, the more you would find that there is still so much work to do and so much to get. Google AdSense is simply a first step towards earning from a blog.

Later, after getting approval from Google AdSense, I found that simply putting ads on the website doesn’t make you money, instead, it needs traffic. So, it’s always better to focus on creating awesome content that pays you in the future.

Learn more about creating an optimized blog post.

Many people come up with some questions when they saw someone approved from AdSense. I tried to answer all of them.

If I have missed any questions to answer, I would love to answer them in the comments.

How old was your website?

It was only 15 days old.

How many posts had you published?

I had published only 5 posts.

What was the average length of posts?

The average post length was 1500 words.

How many times had you applied before for AdSense?

That was my first time.

What time did AdSense take to approve?

It took 7 days for my website.

Google AdSense policies for publishers

You should know the important policies from AdSense before applying.

If you learned all the policies and applied them to your website, chances Google would take you inside its AdSense program.

Here I have listed the most important rules from AdSense you must follow to become eligible for it.

  • Content should be unique and interesting.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • Content on the website should be engaging
  • The website should be easy to navigate
  • Your website shouldn’t violate any of Google Webmasters Guidelines
  • You should not be engaged in any Black Hat SEO techniques
  • Landing pages should follow the Landing Page Quality Guidelines
  • The website should not include any malware, unwanted redirection that can lower UX
  • Your website should include a Privacy Policy page that discloses all the data collected on the site

List of AdSense Approval Tricks

After reading all of the above things you may want to know the tricks that help you getting AdSense approval.

Here I have made a list of 8 things you should care about before applying for AdSense.

My website held true for all the 8 things discussed below when I applied and got approval. You also want to follow them to increase the chances of being approved by Google AdSense.

I would also like to let you know that following one or two of these won’t help you. You should consider all the things altogether.

1. Niche of website

Almost a decade ago, there exist ‘General’ niche websites, that used to become successful to rank on Google by writing posts on any topic that comes on the author’s mind.

But, recently Google announced its EAT update. EAT stands for Expertise Authoritative and Trustworthy. This update suggests that a website needs to be in a particular niche to rank on Google.

For example, if you are an expert in Digital Marketing, you should not write a blog on medical. This may mislead users and harm them.

Therefore, to increase the chances of AdSense approval, your website should be about a particular niche, which you have already known a lot about.

Don’t forget to create an about page for your website that explains the purpose of the website, your expertise on the particular topic and why should user trust you.

Learn to start a niche blog correctly to generate good passive income.

2. Age of website

The age of the website doesn’t matter that much for AdSense approval if you follow the other 7 AdSense approval tricks.

Still, I want you to let your website be least 20 days old before applying for AdSense.

It seems easier for older websites to get AdSense approval than newer websites. So, don’t hurry to monetize your website, because you are not going to make a single dollar with a new website for a few months.

Give yourself time to produce engaging content so that Google would send you some traffic.

User engagement for AdSense approval

There is no point in adding Google ads on your website if it has very low traffic. You are just ruining the user experience due to ads. They also lower webpage speed that hinders to rank on Google.

Keep this in mind and use the first-month creating high-quality content for users.

This way you will surely get AdSense approval.

3. Number of posts

Many people are very concerned about the number of posts needed to get AdSense approval.

Almost every person seeking AdSense approval asks what’s the required number of posts before applying?

Different people will tell you a different number, but what I have found that Google AdSense doesn’t care so much about the number of posts.

But, using common sense, you can say a website should at least contain something that users would engage with.

As I already told you I have got AdSense approval with 5 posts on my website. So, I want you to create at least 5 quality posts that are related to a certain niche.

Most of you make a mistake of writing articles that cannot be related together in any way. Always, choose a niche for your website and stick to it, choose keywords related to it.

Don’t write one article about android phones and others about medical surgery, that’s really bad practice. You are not going to be successful with this.

4. Length of posts

The quality of content is the most important of all. Many people get confused with the number and the length of posts. In other words, quality or quantity of posts.

But, I would like to say one thing, quality matters 10 times more than the quantity.

However, it is wise to balance the number of posts and the quality of content.

High quality content for AdSense approval

The general rule that determines the length of a post is to answer: is my post answers all the questions that might come in a user’s mind about the keyword.

Don’t obsess with the number of words to write for a blog. Focus on making it most interesting and engaging (don’t forget to include some multimedia like images and videos in your blog post).

However, blog posts with more than 1500 words tend to perform better than shorter ones. That is why I take this into consideration as well.

5. Mobile usability

Today, more than 50% of web searches are done through mobile devices. This is enough for you to know that Google checks the mobile usability of your website before giving you approval for showing AdSense ads.

So, choose a mobile responsive theme for your website.

These days mobile usability is highly valued, therefore, almost all the themes/templates are responsive.

However, it’s your responsibility to check how your website looks like in mobile devices.

Make sure the website is easy to navigate and all the content is accessible in smartphones.

Easy to navigate website for AdSense approval

Moreover, check whether all the forms, buttons and other content are working properly in mobile devices by visiting your website directly from a smartphone as a user.

6. Use of Social Media

Social Media is very helpful, especially for new bloggers.

Imagine, you spend an hour researching keywords, an hour planning for content, 5 hours writing & editing, and 3 hours creating/sourcing images; and, finally, after spending 10 hours creating a blog post you published it.

Now, the problem is that no one is there to see your hard work. This is too frustrating.

Most of the people are too enthusiastic for 1 or 2 weeks of starting a website, this is the time you hit publish the most, but as time goes on and nobody visits your website and you start feeling frustrated.

This is when you need to push yourself to work even harder, but, unfortunately, most of the people quit.

The point is social media like Facebook and Pinterest would help you to get some traffic to value your work on the website.

It also helps Google to analyze the user response and determine how valuable your content is.

Therefore, share blog posts in Pinterest, Facebook groups and comments where relevant; also use forums and Q/A sites like Quora and Reddit to promote your website. Don’t try to spam, otherwise, your website may be banned; try to limit the number of links shared to 10 for every social media.

7. Google Search Console

For higher chances of AdSense approval add website to Google Search Console

I have listed it to number 7 but this (adding your website into Google Search Console) is the first thing you should do after making your website online.

Adding your website to Search Console helps Google to find your site and index it. Otherwise, Google would take longer to discover, crawl and index webpages of your website.

It also helps you to get AdSense approval faster without waiting to let the website older.

Furthermore, after publishing a post, use the Search Console URL inspection tool and request indexing.

Google Search Console also shows you any indexing or crawling error with the webpages, and helps you to fix them.

8. Basic on-page SEO

Do Search Engine Optimization for Google AdSense approval

Doing basic on-page SEO helps Google to better understand your content.

It is also necessary to rank higher in SERP as well as for AdSense approval.

Google would first try to understand the purpose, relevancy, and authority of your website before giving approval for AdSense.

There is no point in putting a lot of effort and time creating a blog post if Google doesn’t understand your content correctly. Your website will not get the position you deserve on SERP as well as you’ll not get AdSense approval.

So, learn SEO and try to apply it while creating blog posts.

Also, learn the White Hat SEO techniques


This is how I have listed all the necessary tricks you can follow to increase the chances of AdSense approval.

However, AdSense is not the only method of monetizing your website. A lot of other platforms are there that pay comparatively higher and easier to get approval than AdSense.

You want to check the Google AdSense Alternatives for many reasons.


Lastly, I just want to say that focus on creating high-quality content than earning money. Because the website is not monetized but traffic is.

You can’t earn anything from a website if there is no traffic on it.

Focus only on creating valuable content doing basic on-page SEO for the first six months of starting a blog. Then after, you can focus on link building.

Thanks for your time to read the post. I hope this was helpful.

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