How to Monetize a Website and Make Money? (17 Methods)

Do you know that a lot of people are making $20,000+ from a website?

The two factors that define how much money you can earn from a website are:

  • Traffic on your website
  • The way of monetizing a website

You need to be an expert to manage both of these things the right way. Here, in this article, I have listed the 17 methods to monetize a website and make the most possible income from it.

These ways to monetize a website work differently for different websites; some need high traffic while some can generate good money with lower traffic. You can choose the better ones that suit your website.

17 Ways to Monetize a Website and Earn from it

Affiliate Marketing

Monetize a website with Affliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular methods you can use to monetize a website. You can make a good passive income from affiliate marketing.

What you need to do is just put affiliate links on your website in the right place, so that when a user visits the link and purchase something, you’ll get a commission.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn even 50%-60% of the price of a product as a commission.

In a long period of time, you can make a good amount of money even if your website has very low traffic.

Many companies are making sales from affiliate marketers. Users trust more on blogs than direct advertisements, that’s why it is one of the most prominent methods of selling products online.

You can also become an affiliate and place ads on webpages where the chances of making sales are higher. Sometimes you have to convince users for a product by mentioning the benefits the users can get.

Go ahead and start to monetize your website with an affiliate program.

Few of the affiliate programs are:

  • Amazon Associates: You can choose any product from Amazon to promote but it pays lower than other programs. No need to make the sale of the only chosen product but you’ll get a commission for every sale made by a user by visiting affiliate link from your website within 24 hours. Best for beginners.
  • ShareASale: Covers more than 40 categories for affiliate marketing with over 4,800 merchants. It pays its affiliates on a monthly basis. Another good one to try.
  • eBay Partner Network: Similar to Amazon, eBay also has an affiliate program that you can join to monetize your website.
  • ClickBank: One of the popular affiliate networks to start affiliate marketing with.

Get paid on Cost Per Action

Monetize a website and make money from a website by cost per action

How many times have you heard about CPA marketing?

It is somehow similar to affiliate marketing and at the same time, it is different. The difference is you’ll get paid not only for selling something but also for making users do certain actions like filling a form, taking a survey, subscribe to something, registration, etc.

Another down term is you’ll get paid less than that of affiliate marketing, however, it is easy to do and generate income.

You can monetize a website with this method even if it has low traffic and makes some extra money.

Some of the CPA networks are:

Enroll as an affiliate in these programs and they’ll guide you on what to do and how to do once you get approved.

You can earn as low as $0.5 per action and as more as $50 for another.

This is also a good way to monetize a website to earn money from it.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense to monetize a website

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network in the world with the largest number of publishers and advertisers.

You can apply for AdSense with your website and when it approves your site, you’ll start making money by placing ads on the webpages.

But, some people struggle to get approval from AdSense. Here is an article that you can follow to get Google AdSense approval in very little time.

It pays you on the basis of Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression. Comparatively, AdSense pays very less, but with a good traffic website, you can make a good passive income.

The minimum threshold for payment is slightly higher i.e. $100, and once you cross the threshold you’ll get paid each month.

Google AdSense is best to monetize websites like news, forum, Q/A, Tool, etc.

In AdSense, different ad formats like banner, text, interstitial, native and contextual are available with full customization to match your website.

You can place Google Ads anywhere on a webpage, however, encouraging users to click on ads is the violation of AdSense policies.

Ads form other Ad Networks

Like Google AdSense, you can monetize a website from other ad networks. Some of these pay you higher than AdSense, for instance, and PropellerAds.

If you have a problem getting Google AdSense approval or want to earn higher or diversify earnings, you can simply visit the websites of the ad networks and apply for your website.

To name some of the ad networks:

  • PropellerAds
  • Infolinks
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adversal
  • Adcash

Check-in detail to monetize a website with Google AdSense alternatives.

Selling Ad Space

If you have a good number of users visiting your website, selling ad spaces is a good idea to monetize a website and make money.

A lot of popular websites choose to sell ad spaces directly to the sponsor company rather than opting for an ad network.

It can generate more amount of money for you. But, it is not that easy to sell ad space. You need to be popular and companies would wish to pay you for advertising on your website.

You can decide your own price per click and impressions, obviously, on the basis of the traffic on your website.

Generally, the amount of money earned by selling ad space is greater than the income from ad networks, because these networks only pay you some percentages of what an advertiser pays.

Selling own products or services

This is another great idea to make money from a website. Out of many website monetization methods, this works best to earn a good passive income.

Monetizing a website with a product takes a bit of hard work or investment (if you hire someone to work for you) and time.

A product to sell on a website could be digital or physical. If there are potential customers around your area that can buy your products (like paintings, costume designs, hats, books, t-shirts, etc.) you can use your website to find them.

On the other hand, digital products such as eBooks are also better to sell on your website. Give yourself time to create a detailed, useful eBook on a particular topic and set a price that people are likely to spend. A good thing about digital products is that you can sell them anywhere in the world.

Similarly, you can offer services like computer repairing, website designing, debugging & fixing errors, etc. that customers pay for. Find a topic you are expert on and start selling your service on your website.

You can offer SEO or digital marketing if your website already ranks higher for high volume keywords.

A practice to build trust among customers is to offer something for free. By doing this, when a customer needs something premium he/she buys from you.

So, cut out an hour from sleeping and start working on building a product that you can sell for money.

Selling courses

Similar to selling products and services, you can also make money from a website by selling courses.

A course may be in the form of a text, PowerPoint presentation, video or audio. To start, choose a topic that you know a little about, and collect data & facts about that topic from Google, YouTube, Books, Magazines, etc.

Now, choose the form you want to make your course in. Will you feel comfortable writing or speaking?

Describe every sub-topic and question about the subject in detail to make a useful course. If you just focus on money, it’ll harm your reputation from negative reviews and comments. As a result, you’ll never be able to sell anything the next time. So, be careful about the value your course can provide to the users.

This way, you can monetize a website and earn from it. It is not possible to make money from being lazy. You have to work harder in the right direction.


You don’t need to be a professional teacher to make money from a website by teaching. You just need to be an ambitious and diligent person, who is ready to do any legal thing to earn money.

First, look into yourself and find your expertise. There is always something in which a person is better.

Besides this, you need to be good at explaining things. If you are a YouTuber, you’re probably good at this.

You can charge users for subscription on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and teach them something they don’t know.

It also needs hard work to be done for learning and preparing so that you can teach more confidently.

Imagine, you’re going to explain something you don’t (or a little) know about. A good teacher is one who can grab the interest and attention of the students.

It is a better way to monetize a website; best if you are a teacher already.

Selling website

It’s not a way to monetize a website but you can earn money by selling your website.

If you have multiple websites, you can sell some of them and focus on developing one.

Managing multiple websites simply makes you a jack of all trades. You’ll get benefit in the long run if you write two articles for a website instead of writing them for two different websites.

So, if you have many websites, you should consider selling some of them and invest your time and money on one or two.

Whatever, it is a business for many people to buy expired domains and sell them at a higher price. There is nothing wrong to make money from websites this way. If you are interested you can also try this method.

If a website is making $100 a month, it is worth 10-20 times more that is $1000-$2000.

Sponsored posts

Have you ever written a review or promoted something on your website?

How much did you get paid for that?

If you don’t know it, let me clear, you can earn money writing a review on your website. But, your website needs to become popular for that.

When you write something like “top 10 web hosting companies in the world” or review about a particular product/company, send an email (covering how popular your website is and how much you expect from them) to the company you want to write about.  If your website gets a lot of traffic, they surely will respond to you. You can charge more to that who is in number 1 in your list than that of number 5 in the blog post like above.

This is how you can monetize a website by writing sponsored posts.

Accepting donation

If you are writing/offering something for free that is worth money, you would still make some by asking for a donation.

When someone’s life is really influenced positively by your work, he/she may want to give you something. So, make it easier for them to thank you.

Like anything else, you have to work very hard to create something that people love.

Keep in mind, they don’t care about you, they care about the value you provide to them and they only pay for value.

That’s why create something valuable to monetize a website this way.

You may consider learning to write an optimized blog post.

Setting up an eCommerce website

In this competitive world, it takes a lot of hard work to build a successful eCommerce website. But, if you are really willing to work and earn money, you can start an eCommerce site.

If you already have a well-established website, you can transform it into an online store within the niche.

It is easy to sell products targeting the local market than to compete in the world. Along with time, you can increase your horizon and grow your business.

But, in the beginning, start small and grow it gradually by continuous efforts.

Make the eCommerce website an online platform for selling products where anyone can register and add their products for sale.

In this way, you can monetize a website by transforming it into an eCommerce site. However, don’t stop posting blogs on the website even after making an eCommerce site. Blogs are responsible for making sales.

Don’t get demotivated if your business doesn’t give results soon as expected because nothing great can be made overnight. It continuously needs small yet effective efforts to make a successful eCommerce website.

When you don’t have anything, you need hope to build something.

Selling through emails

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make sales.

You must have visited many blogs, and might notice that almost every website asks or offers something where you have to enter your email address.

What do you think they are going to do with those email addresses?

To know this, try leaving your email address on any website. They’ll then send you continuous emails by maintaining a time period. Sometimes they’ll send you offers while sometimes they send about new blog posts.

Suppose, you run an email campaign and send emails to 1,000 subscribers about a new product you recently launched. Now, it is possible that at least 50 users out of 1000 would visit to see your new product, out of which if only 5 users would buy that product, you’ll get benefited.

This is the logic behind collecting email addresses.

Now, you also want to add a subscription form on your website to later monetize the website by selling through emails.


For a website with a quite good number of visitors, adding a consulting service related to the niche can help you make some money.

If you are an expert on the internet in a certain field, then people who want to be like you would surely grab the opportunity to learn from you (if they can afford). So, offer what you can do for them that they can’t.

Remember, you don’t need to be very popular to do this. The key thing is you’ll only get paid what you deserve. If you have a website with domain authority 50, you can consult on how to increase DA to 50. Surely, there would be people with a website that has domain authority less than 50.

But, if they are getting consulting from a DR 90 website owner on the same topic at the same price you are charging, why will they come to you? Keep this in mind. Charge on the basis of your expertise and popularity as well as what users can afford.

This is how you can monetize a website and earn from it. Remember, earning money is a skill that can be learned.

Building tools

Why not do a small investment to earn even more money?

To build a great tool you need to have a team of developers. But, let’s not go there. As I already told you, start small. That small starting will become a great success if you are willing to work.

If you already have a good knowledge of programming, you can easily build a simple tool by yourself that is enough to attract many users.

At the beginning, release, the tool for free but don’t forget to collect email addresses that you can monetize later (free tools are great to collect email addresses). When slowly your tool becomes popular, you can invest in it and build it great. Later, you can charge for using the tool.

In this way, you can monetize your website.


What you have to do is just place products on your website from platforms like Shopify. And allow them for users to place an order.

When any user orders for a product, the platform from where you added products will take responsibility for delivery and you’ll get paid a commission. Isn’t that cool?

You don’t have to do anything besides working to get visitors on your website.

Search on Google for “web host reseller” and you’ll find a lot of websites that allow you to sell web hosting directly from your website under your own branding and you can decide the price. You’ll get a 20% to 60% discount on every package.

If you are willing to pay a small amount of money you can set your own custom name servers and IP addresses.

You just have to focus on sales, the parent company will take care of other things like payment and customer support.

This is an alternative way to monetize a website, instead of making an eCommerce site.

Showing your website

Don’t get confused. You can earn money just by showing your website. How? Let me tell you.

I’ve joined too many Facebook groups. Most of the time I only see people posting their website’s analytics (like earnings and pageviews) with the caption “if you want similar results, message me”. And when you message them they will say it’s paid work.

You can charge people for doing what you already have done. Show them your achievement and they will pay you to help them achieve the same.

 In this way, you can also make money using your website.


I have described every popular way to monetize a website and make money from it.

You might have noticed that to earn money from a website it needs traffic. So, I want you to focus on increasing website traffic, instead of running before money.

If you consistently work on your website, it grows with time and makes more money for you.

Lastly, thank you for reading the post.

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