7 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

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Many people start a blog thinking that they will earn a good amount of money from it.

Some start blogging thinking that they will be able to attract a lot of people throughout the world and will become popular like a celebrity [I hope you’re not one of them].

But, the tragedy is all their dreams will turn into an ash after some time they start blogging.

It’s not like you started a blog today and get a lot of people visiting your blog tomorrow unless you are already a celebrity.

It really needs high dedication and hard work to build a successful blog. You have to invest a lot of your time and effort if you really want to make your blog popular and successful.

A lot of people these days start a blog with many expectations but they give up on blogging after some time when they see only a few hundred page views in analytics.

Those people spend most of their time staring at analytics instead of focusing on writing great content. If you are one of them then I have a doubt on you that you might quit blogging soon.

There are a few things that every beginner should know before they start a blog. I have made a list of 7 important things to know before you start a blog.

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1. Blogging equals to a lot of hard work

If you think that blogging is very easy and it is an easier way to make money from home, then you are wrong.

Blogging means a lot of hard work you have to do writing great content, researching, and promoting.

I’ve seen many people blogging for only 10 to 15 days and then they got frustrated by not seeing more than 50 to 100 page views a day.

I know that many people among you search like how much money can be earned form blogging and you might found that tons of money can be earned.

Many people are impressed after hearing that Google AdSense gives you 1$ per 1000 views but my friend, it takes a lot of time, patience and hard work to get that 1000 views.

Be clear, if you are committed spending at least 5 hours a day effectively for at least 6 months then some of your expectations might come true.

But, it also matters what you do with that 5 hours. You have to give your full concentration on writing and promoting your content.

It‘ll not work if you check Facebook every 5 minutes you work on the blog. It is just a waste of time. Only use social media to promote your content through networking and being social.

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2. You’ll have to learn a lot

To get some expected results you have to write at least 50 quality articles one by one consistently.

Exceptions are for professionals who rank their blog in just a few months with very few articles. But, as you are new to blogging you might need more effort and time to reach that level.

You need to come up with new ideas daily to write about. You will have to do a lot of keyword research to understand what actually your targeted audience wants to know.

You need to learn many new things and improve your writing skills to create awesome content that people like.

Already stated that these three things take a lot of your time and effort: learning, writing and promoting. Ignoring any of these results in the failure of a blog.

You have to observe your competitor and top-ranked sites about what they are writing and how they are writing so that you can create more helpful and detailed content than them and write what they missed.

3. Learn about SEO

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is an optimization of your blog and its contents to rank your website in the organic search results of a search engine.

It is also possible that your blog has more than 100 articles but you still aren’t receiving any traffic. Chances that you haven’t learned about SEO before starting to write articles.

To make your blog income-generating you need to rank the blog on the first page of search results of search engine.

You can’t get much traffic to your blog only form social media or any other sources if you can’t rank your site in Search Engine like Google for targeted keywords.

SEO is all about ranking a blog in search engines by making the content that people like to read and engage with the blog for a long time.

You should keep in mind that user experience is the most important thing that every search engine consider while ranking any site in the search results.

There are many black hat practices used to rank in search results but this can cause a huge loss to your site later. So I always recommend following white hat techniques to rank your blog to go in the long run.

Every search engine wants to provide the best possible results to their users. So you need to be that best to be ranked.

You can learn more about SEO in these two articles:

4. Your hosting provider matters a lot

The hosting provider plays an important role in the success of a blog. The speed, uptime, and security of your blog are all determined by the web hosting you choose. Always start a blog with a good web hosting provider that provides more speed and security.

Speed of the website is one of the major factors that search engines consider while ranking websites in the search results.

If your website is very slow then forget your blog will ever rank in search results.

You can do many things to speed up your pages like optimizing images and content for fast loading. You can use different software to make your website fast. But, they work in a very little amount in comparison to web hosting.

The only important thing that matters to the speed of your website is web hosting.

So, always go for a web host that provides speed to your blog. If you have already chosen a web host that is slower then its time to change the web hosting provider.

Another important thing for ranking is the security of your website. Your website can be immediately removed from search results if Google detects any kind of malware or insecurity on the website. It is very hazardous for any website. You may have to bear a huge loss if your website got hacked. That’s why always focus on the security of your website.

The website’s uptime also matters a lot. Google doesn’t trust any site that always goes offline. So only choose a web host that provides 99% uptime.

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5. Quality of your content determines the success of your blog

No matter how good your website looks, how many articles it has, how old it is, how optimized it is for search engine, if the quality of your content is not good then never think of any success on blogging.

Always give your best to write more informative, descriptive and helpful articles that are easy to read. It is something that cannot be replaced by anything you do for ranking.

You may have a grammar problem but its ok- write to express not to impress. Nobody will judge you with your language skills. Start a blog with a passion not just with the intention of making money. If you can write that is easily understood then don’t waste your time thinking about grammar. Yes, you might get negative judgments but you are not here to impress each and every person. It is a fact that there are still some haters no matter what you do. Just ignore them.

First, choose a topic to write about and do some keyword research using many tools found online. Go for a low competitive keyword.

Then, do some research about that topic. Make pointwise notes about what you are going to write. Search for the topic on Google and read at least 3 top articles. And, find out what they’ve missed to write and think about how you can write better than them.

Always ask yourself the following questions before starting to write.

  • Who are you writing the post for?
  • What will they learn after reading your article?

6. You have to spend more time promoting your content than writing

Simply writing articles is not enough unless you are running a personal blog. But, if you want to make a professional blog then you need some people who read what you write. Only then you can get some profit from that blog.

The amount of traffic you are getting determines the profit you get from that blog.

You have to focus on promoting your articles more than writing to get as much traffic as possible.

You might have seen that many top-ranking blogs don’t provide as much information people need but they still rank. It’s because of their marketing strategy to promote the blog.

Don’t just start a blog but promote your blog by using social media, forums, Facebook groups and paid advertisements. You can also try guest posting to be known as a blogger in front of people visiting that blog.

Don’t just publish your posts in social media but find where people need help and how your articles can help them solve their problems. Answer the questions of people in forums like Quora and suggest your post for detailed information.

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7. Money earns money

Don’t try to think that you start earning lots of money by just starting a blog for free and only use free services. You would have to invest some money to earn more money.

This isn’t new that the more money you have the more potential you have to earn. The same holds true for blogging also.

The more money you spend in your blog the more money you can earn from it.

Paid advertisements on social media are great sources of traffic to your blog.  You can get thousands of paying customers to your blog by just spending 10$ in an ad on Facebook.

You need to buy a good theme and different plugins like content optimizer or page builder. When your site starts growing you need to hire a professional content writer. All these costs money.

You also have to spend money on good web hosting and to the company that ensures your site’s security if you yourself can’t do that.

There are many areas where you need to invest your money. Yes, you can go for many free services but they all are not as effective as the paid ones. The free services are like a demo that limits some features for which people have no other option to buy the product.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for your time to read my article. I hope this was helpful.

If you like the article, don’t forget to share it. Let others also know the important things before they start a blog.


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