White Hat SEO: Boost Ranking On Google The Right Way

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Do you want to rank your website higher on Google?

Your answer will surely be “yes, but how?” This article is all about answering your ‘how?’.

Several tactics are used by SEO experts to rank a webpage higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  Most of those techniques are a white hat or grey hat, while others are black hat.

This article favors only White Hat SEO and teach you different legal strategies people use to get more organic traffic.

Let’s dive into the basics first.

General Background

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a technique that follows search engine guidelines to rank a page higher on search results.

Search Engines like Google and Bing have their own algorithms and system that crawls a webpage and determine its position in SERP.

Learn about Google ranking factors that decide your ranking on SERP.

These algorithms are dynamic, means are changed and updated regularly to make search results much better & relevant to the users.

Search Engine gives some guidelines to the webmasters that should be followed. Following those helps Search Engines to show the most relevant webpages to the users by understanding content with more accuracy.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world that shares more than 80% of the search traffic on the internet. It is best known for showing the best results to its users.

It is always recommended for website owners to follow the webmasters’ guidelines. If you do any action to rank a website following those guidelines, you are doing White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

So, you understood that White Hat SEO is a recommended method of ranking a website on SERP.

But, people don’t stop here, they find some illegal ways to trick Google which are called Black Hat SEO techniques. Following those may harm your website in the future when Google catches you.

If you are very serious about your website, White Hat SEO is only recommended, doing which gives your website continuous organic traffic from Search Engines.

Black Hat SEO: This is an SEO method that does not follow Search Engines’ guidelines. These may be harmful to your website and lead to penalize or complete ban from Search Engines.

Methods like link manipulation, paid links, cloaking, duplicate or automated content, etc. come under Black Hat SEO.

Learn more about Black Hat SEO techniques.

Grey Hat SEO: This comes in between the White Hat and the Black Hat SEO. It includes techniques that are not recommended by Search Engines but have fewer chances of website penalization. Guest Posting to gain links, which the majority of people recommend as a link building strategy, is one of the Grey Hat SEO.

What’s more, overdoing Grey Hat SEO is considered as Black Hat and doing it at the right level could be White Hat SEO. Continue reading to learn more about the level of doing it.

Pros of White Hat SEO

Pros of White Hat SEO

An SEO expert only suggests you White Hat SEO because it helps you to get better results in the future.

Following White Hat SEO may slow down your ranking process but at the last, it gives you sweet fruits.

If you want to achieve something the right way, obviously, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn and apply. The same goes for ranking a website using White Hat SEO.

Important of all, it needs the patience to work with White Hat SEO because the results are not immediate but are great.

Here is the list of Pros of White Hat SEO.

  • Beneficial in the long run
  • No worries for the ban or penalize of a website from Search Engine
  • Builds trust among users
  • Builds an authoritative branded website
  • Helps to get continuous targeted organic traffic
  • Helps to make more earnings in the long run

Cons of White Hat SEO

Why people make a website?

The most definite answer would be:

Whatever other reasons you have for starting a website, you may surely want people to visit it and see the content you have on the website. White Hat SEO helps to make these expectations true.

The cons of White Hat SEO could be:

  • Needs the patience to get the results
  • You may get demotivated by not seeing any results in the expected time, that makes you quit.
  • Takes time to learn and apply

These are some cons I could find, but to get something great, you have to work harder. Nothing great is created by following shortcuts.

Cons of White Hat SEO

Why should you only use White Hat SEO to rank on SERP?

Reading to this point, what have you found? One of the things I focus on the most is just White Hat SEO.

You may have discovered a lot of benefits of White Hat SEO form the above piece of content in this article.

The pros of White Hat SEO are some of the reasons for using it to rank a website on SERP.

With Black Hat SEO, you may see a boost in your ranking in a very short time, but this gives you traffic as long as you are not hit by a Search Engine.

Google works day and night to provide users the best possible search results by discouraging spamdexing. You’ll no longer stay at the higher position by doing Black Hat SEO. Soon or later Google would remove any irrelevant, useless webpages that do not provide any value to the users.

Due to these reasons, you should only use White Hat SEO.

Learn more about the basics of SEO.

List of White Hat SEO techniques

You have already learned about what is White Hat SEO, why is it so important and why should you use it over Black Hat SEO.

Now, its turn to look at some practical White Hat SEO techniques you can use to rank your website at the top on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The one thing I’ve forgotten to mention is the User Experience, the most important of all the Google ranking factors and the prior thing in SEO.

As long as you are creating content for humans not only for Search Engines, you are on the right track. But, when your mind starts searching for shortcuts to reach the other end of the sea, think that you’ll never get your destination. No shortcut works for a long time. Hard work pays you the most than everything else. Enjoy the process because great things take time to happen.

Without wasting time lets directly get into the White Hat SEO techniques you can use to rank higher on Search Engine.

Content Creation

White Hat SEO techniques for creating content

Once again, I would like to say, create content for humans not for Search Engines.

These days, Google is so smart to find the original, unique and valuable content on the Internet. Let Google do its job, focus on your content and try to make it the best.

People do not care about your website, they care about the value it provides. So, try to focus on creating original and comprehensive content.

Instead of wasting your time tricking Google, spend that time on creating amazing content, so that when someone reads it, he/she says “Wow! That’s what I’m looking for.”

Since the Google Panda update, websites with low-quality content are harder to rank.

Let me break the paragraphs about the White Hat SEO techniques for content creation into points you should remember while planning to create content.

  • First read the Google’s webmaster guidelines and always follow it.
  • Second, choose a topic that you already know a little/basic about, so you don’t need to copy content.
  • Stop paraphrasing the already exist content. This won’t help you.
  • Try to make content like text and multimedia unique.
  • Don’t just focus on Search Engines and never forget you are creating the content for humans, after all.
  • Many people are so lazy that they rely on software to create content. Dude, this doesn’t work these days. Google doesn’t like this.
  • Write comprehensive blog posts that answer all the questions about the topic, so that user don’t have to visit other webpages for the same query. That’s what Google want.
  • Stop cloaking. It’s a practice of showing users the different version of a webpage than that of Search Engine.
  • Make posts as relevant as possible to the keywords you are targeting.
  • Focus on the quality of content than quantity.
  • Stop writing irrelevant and unnecessary things just to make the posts longer.
  • Lastly, remember that Google is publishing one or two updates each day to filter the best, original, unique, comprehensive and valuable content.

Learn more about writing a blog post that ranks on Google and people love to read.

Link Building

It is almost confirmed that backlinks play an important role in ranking a website on Google. Backlinks also influence the Domain Authority (DA) of a website. And, you may have seen that most top-ranking websites have high DA. So, backlinks are very important for a website to get a higher position on SERP.

Backlinks are the links that represent your website on other websites. But, the mind-blowing thing is that Google doesn’t count any low-quality backlinks since its Penguin update. So, you should focus on creating high-quality backlinks instead of spamming everywhere on social media, forums, and blogs.

High-quality backlinks mean links from websites that are already on top and are related to your niche. For example, Google doesn’t count a backlink from a website about health linking to a website about business.

Some White Hat SEO tips about link building you should know:

  • Never buy or exchange links because this is against Google’s webmaster guidelines and cause a website to be banned or penalized.
  • Use of Private Blog Networks (PBN) is very dangerous for your website. If you don’t know about PBN, that’s good, no need to know about something that may harm your website ranking. But, what if you want to know, here are the detailed Black Hat SEO techniques that you should not follow.
  • Guest Posting is harmless to use as a link building strategy, but anything that seems good might be hazardous if you overuse it.
  • The best of all is creating content worth sharing, to build backlinks organically.
  • Spamming doesn’t work anymore. Stop it.

Site Optimization

White Hat SEO for site optimization

Optimize your website for a higher speed. It is the most recommended action from Google you should do to increase website ranking.

According to Google, when website speed decreases from 1 second to 3 second the bounce rate increases by 34%.

Bounce rate is a direct Google ranking factor (if you don’t know about bounce rate or want to know about what Google considers while ranking a webpage, it’s worth reading this article).

Another important thing is the security and mobile responsiveness of your website.

Remember the following points:

  • Choose a responsive theme (check how your website looks on mobile devices)
  • Optimize the JS, CSS, HTML, and Images (you can use different plugins like WP Rocket, Autoptimize in WordPress)
  • Choose a good web host (like Bluehost), as 80% of a webpage speed depends on the server.
  • Use hard passwords and two-factor authentication.
  • Don’t upload files on your website from the third party without scanning for viruses or malware.
  • Design website to make it more user-friendly for better user experience.

I have written in detail about this topic in another article that helps to do SEO yourself on your website.

Use of Keywords

Use keywords wisely in your blog post. There isn’t any wrong on using keywords in a blog. But, overusing may harm your ranking.

Make sure to include keywords in your blog where they make sense. Some are so bad at writing that they put keywords in a blog in such a way that it feels awkward to the readers.

It is an art to use keywords in an article like no one can notice any unusual while reading it. Master the art of using keywords.


Of course, through learning and practicing. Both should go simultaneously.

White Hat SEO techniques for using keywords in a blog post:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. It is a practice of using keywords everywhere in the post without making any sense. This is an old SEO technique, which is considered Black Hat these days. So, Avoid this.
  • Include keywords in title, meta-description, higher-level headings and image alt text of a blog post.
  • Don’t forcefully add keywords into headings, image alt text, and paragraphs.
  • Include some LSI words in the blog post

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI words are related to the main keyword. For example, if you are writing about ‘best smartphones to buy’ include words like brand names (such as Apple, Samsung),  OS (such as Android, iOS), etc.

Type the keyword you are targeting in the Google Search Bar. You’ll see some suggestions, try to include some of them that are most relevant in the article. Hit enter and at the last of the search result page, you’ll see some related search queries. Try to add some of them to your blog.

Keyword Research
Don’t forget to use some of these words in your blog post

Meta Info

Title, meta-description, structured data are the meta info you want to optimize for higher ranking and click-through rate.

Make the meta-description relevant, short, compelling and descriptive in such a way that when somebody reads it in the search result page, he/she wants to check it.

Know the search intent of the user by analyzing the titles and meta-description of the top ranking websites in the Google Search Results.

You can use compelling words like best, top, amazing, dangerous, vs, beginner, guide, etc. on the basis of the user’s search intent. Add a number or year in the title, which is believed to get more clicks.

Consider the following:

  • Don’t add the irrelevant title or meta-description and false structured data to a webpage.
  • Create compelling titles on the basis of the user’s search intent
  • Analyze the meta info of the top-ranking webpages
  • Posts like how-tos, lists, guides, etc. that solve problems can get more clicks so make meta info accordingly.


I have described White Hat SEO and the strategies in this article. I believe you have learned a lot.

White Hat SEO is only recommended to use for your website to rank higher on SERP because it helps you in the long run.

Understand that there are no shortcuts. You started a website today and starts getting traffic the next day, this is not possible.

It does take a lot of patience and hard work to rank a website on Search Engines. Most people use the wrong ways by not following guidelines expecting that this will help. But when Google catches you, it will be hard for you to gain the ranking again.

That’s why I always recommend following White Hat SEO.

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Thank you for your time to read the post. I hope this was helpful.

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